Beef & Pork Sales in The Farmers Market Shop

As some of you know, we have been working towards providing meat through a herdshare option. In May of 2021 the Nebraska legilature passed a law that allows meat to be obtained through a herdshare agreement. We are thankful for this option as it lets us use a closer meat locker that vacuum seals and has great processing results. It means less stress on both the animals and for us with shorter transport times. We began selling herdshares earlier this month.

Moving forward we will not be selling meat in our Farmers Market Shop.

However, we will have meat selections availble to herd owners for pick up during open guest hours. You can become a herd owner through the purchase of a herdshare. Herdshares will only be available for purchase in the Farmers Market Shop during our open guest hours. See Mindy and she will walk you through the details of becoming a herd owner with The Little Red Farm. 
We love the idea that this truly makes us a community farm and we look forward to having you partner with us in this!

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