The Little Red Farm is a micro dairy with Jersey, Guernsey and Brown Swiss cows.

We sell our grass fed, A2A2, raw milk during Farmers Market Shop hours. We stock milk for walk in shoppers each time we have guest hours. Please read our Guest Expectations before your visit.

Raw milk is legal to sell in Nebraska as long as it's picked up on the farm. While we love our supportive community near and far, we cannot offer shipping or delivery of our meat or milk products other than directly for pick up in our on farm shop. We promise we are worth the drive!

In our shop we sell grass fed, raw, cream topped A2A2 milk:
Gallons for $15.95 or
Half gallons for $8.45
Cream for $9.95 per pint (occasionally available)
in BPA Free recyclable plastic jugs.

All food and non food items are first come first serve. We DO NOT hold milk or products even upon request, just like other stores, you got to come shop and pay to claim it! (but we have plenty available so come on out).

Our milk is:

  • Raw -  Raw milk is a prebiotic & probiotic, has every fat & water soluble vitamin known to man, nutrients needed to digest the lactose, enzymes to help digest your food so you get more nutritional benefits, good acids, and a host of minerals.
  • A2A2 - A2 is the beta casein protein. Milk has 2 sets - either A1 or A2 or a combination. A1 is most commonly associated with stomach discomfort. A2 is the same beta casein protein that is found in goats milk and human breast milk and is easily digested.
  • Cream Topped - you get ALL the milk. We don't skim, homogenize, or pasteurize.
  • From Grass Fed Cows that are pasture raised. Our dairy cows graze our pastures and have free choice of hay and alfalfa year round. No corn, soy, grain or mixed rations.
  • From cows not given hormone boosters or medicated feed. Read about our animal feed and care practices here.

    Our faithful, weekly customers have the opportunity to request a weekly milk subscription. If you are a loyal customer who shops at our farm on a regular basis you can get more information on our Milk Subscription opportunity by clicking here.

    Our open shopping hours for guests and address are here. Feel free to stop out and grab milk during the open shopping hours! We only allow guests to come on property during the open guest hours, if you arrive early, you must wait off property; please see our Guest ExpectationsWe always have some milk available for walk in customers - first come first served!