Pricing Update Feb '22

There seems to be an ingrained mindset that farmers and teachers should be poor. But if you see a financial advisor or doctor that drives a nice car and lives in a beautiful home, you don’t think they are overcharging or taking advantage of you, you think - they must be good at their job! 

With the start of a new year we have been evaluating our farm finances, expenses, and goals.

Currently, Kyle and I own 3 businesses. Kyle has run his own construction company since 2013. I’ve had a Young Living business since 2018. And we’ve been growing our farm piece by piece, out of our own pocket since 2015. Our Farmers Market Shop opened to guests in April of 2019 when Rosie, our very first dairy cow, began to milk.

Our main goal has always been to be here for our community long-term.

While there seems to be some longevity among produce farms in our area, raw milk dairies and livestock farms with multiple species of animals seem to have only a 2 to 3 year lifespan and then they disappear.

We will be at the 3 year mark on April 1st.

We have invested more time, money, blood, sweat, and tears than there would be any way for you to know and understand - and we are willing to do that! We started this because we wanted our family to have food rich in nutrient value from animals that are well cared for. We continue doing it because we know you want this for your family as well and we can serve our community by providing it.

With the long-term goal of feeding our community well and providing financially for our family, the time has come for The Little Red Farm to move forward from the “can we make this work?” and the “labor-of-love” stage. It is time for this to be a business that not only fully pays for itself but also pays us for the hours we invest into it. On February 1st, 2022 our prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Pricing Updates

Agreed upon processing fees for herdshare owners will remain the same. 

Free Range Eggs:
$6 - Dozen

A2A2 Raw Milk:
$8 - Half Gallon
$10 - Cream Pint
$15 - Gallon
$12 - Gallon for Subscriptions  

If these updates change your subscription plans for February, please let us know before January 24th. We won’t be answering further questions about the updates during guest hours in the shop so we can focus on guests needs as usual. If you have any questions regarding these changes, Kyle handles customer relations and you can reach out to him.

No matter whether you’ve been a part of our community in the past or plan to in the future: Thank You for making this community what it is! We look forward to partnering with you to feed your family for many years to come ❤

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