Farm Friends Forms

Wanting to start a Milk Subscription but the weekly drive making you hesitate?

Here is a way to find other people who want milk close to you that might be interested in teaming up to alternate weeks of Milk Pick-Ups. You may add your contact information to the form and reach out to others in your area regarding the sharing pick-up duties.

  • Each farm friend has their own Monthly Milk Subscription with The Little Red Farm.
  • Each farm friend is responsible for paying for their own subscription on time and milk must be paid for before pickup.
  • Each farm friend is responsible for the pick up of their own milk and/or coordinating with others if sharing pick up duties.

Omaha Area Farm Friends

Lincoln Area Farm Friends

When you add your information to these forms others can see it also. By adding your information, you are agreeing to share it with other Little Red Farm Friends. If you wish to remove your contact info you may do so or let The Farm know. Names on this list are NOT allowed to be contacted for any reason other than the intended purpose of this form. Those that do will be removed from all customer contact groups. This form and the link to it is not posted publicly and we ask that you do not share it publicly either. You may share privately.