Budgeting For Wellness

Monday, March 29th 7pm

You’ve wanted to make Young Living part of your life, but haven’t quite made it happen yet. You can keep your family healthy with Young Living AND save money!

Nathan & Krista will show you how!

One mentality that kept us from pursuing a healthier lifestyle earlier in our lives, was that it would "break the bank".

Let us be the first to tell you: It doesn't have to! The money you're already spending at Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. can be spent pursuing products that actually support your family's bodies!

Young Living offers household products that can help you ditch the chemical-laden and toxin-filled items that sit on many of our modern shelves today.

If you are curious about ditching toxins but not sure what that looks like financially, we're here to help!

We've loved finding budget-friendly & healthier solutions for:
- Household Cleaners
- Laundry Soap
- Dish Soap
- Shampoos
- Body Wash
- Diaper Creams
- Baby Oil
- Nutrition Supplements & Ingredients
and our favorite:
- Einkorn Flour

All delivered right to our door!!

On top of that, with Loyalty Rewards, we get some of these daily household products for free!

So stop in for some coffee, conversation and valuable information❤

Monday, March 29th at 7pm

5025 Lindberg Street
Lincoln, NE